adj. & n.
1 of or relating to France or its people or language.
2 having the characteristics attributed to the French people.
1 the language of France, also used in Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, and elsewhere.
2 (the French) (pl.) the people of France.
3 colloq. bad language (excuse my French).
4 colloq. dry vermouth (gin and French).
Phrases and idioms:
French bean Brit.
1 a beanplant, Phaseolus vulgaris, having many varieties cultivated for their pods and seeds.
2 a the pod used as food. b the seed used as food: also called HARICOT, kidney bean. French bread white bread in a long crisp loaf. French Canadian n. a Canadian whose principal language is French.
—adj. of or relating to French-speaking Canadians. French chalk a kind of steatite used for marking cloth and removing grease and as a dry lubricant. French cricket an informal type of cricket without stumps and played with a soft ball. French cuff a cuff of double thickness. French curve a template used for drawing curved lines. French door = French window. French dressing a salad dressing of vinegar and oil, usu. seasoned. French fried potatoes (US French fries) potato chips. French horn a coiled brass wind instrument with a wide bell. French kiss a kiss with one partner's tongue inserted in the other's mouth. French knickers wide-legged knickers. French leave absence without permission. French letter Brit. colloq. a condom. French mustard Brit. a mild mustard mixed with vinegar. French polish shellac polish for wood. French-polish polish with this. French roof a mansard. French seam a seam with the raw edges enclosed. French toast
1 Brit. bread buttered on one side and toasted on the other.
2 bread dipped in egg and milk and fried. French vermouth dry vermouth. French window a glazed door in an outside wall, serving as a window and door.
Frenchness n.
Etymology: OE frencisc f. Gmc

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